Royal Coat was established in 1987, and has become the name for the quality application of paint and a wide range of specialised, cementitious and protective coatings in the commercial and residential sectors.

Our infrastructure, management and approach allows us to tackle projects of any size – delivering the results time after time! Our status as preferred applicators among a range of major suppliers ensures that clients receive only the best quality products. 

We also have a footprint in Botswana, having successfully completed many projects in Gaborone and the rest of that country through our Botswana branch.

Through the years and more than 4,350 major projects (and counting!) Our attitude and holistic approach to the standard of “Uncompromising Quality” is what sets us apart from the rest of our market competitors.


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We have the knowledge and experience to be your preferred partner in the application of a range of protective and decorative coatings!

We live by our code of uncompromising quality, and work closely with our clients when it comes to the application of their coatings.

Our status as preferred applicators with a range of our suppliers in different coatings fields, ensure that you as the client will experience our uncompromising quality.

Our Skills Development Programme

To ensure the sustainability and growth of our brand we have our very own training school which ensures that our core skills are always refined and new applicators are taught the correct application and surface preparation methods and basic project management skills so vital to delivering a quality service.

For some of our more specialised services we work directly with and receive training from our suppliers to ensure that our application is of the highest quality standards.



Our code of Uncompromising Quality extends further than just the decorative coatings or protective layers we apply and the quality of our management and applicators.
Uncompromising Quality at Royal Coat Africa means quality of coatings and products, quality of application, quality of our systems and quality of our administrative and project management. This approach means that you as the client will experience Uncompromising Quality and professionalism when dealing with us; leaving another one of thousands of satisfied customers we have had the pleasure of serving for the last 3 decades and counting!


  • To deliver the quality application of decorative and protective coatings as well as alternative coatings systems, holding ourselves to our motto of Uncompromising Quality.
  • To constantly innovate to deliver new, exciting and quality coatings systems to our clients
  • To be easy to do business with, with the minimum of unnecessary hassles
  • To constantly uphold our duty to source and use coatings which are friendly to the environment
  • To provide a safe working environment for our staff, and equip them with all the necessary PPE to provide a quality service to our clients.
  • To foster mutual respect and trust between ourselves, employees and clients.