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Royal Coat Africa is a company that continually seeks to innovate and stay at the cutting edge of coatings.

Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS) is the latest in our innovative approach. This is a relatively new system for South Africa, however it has been used extensively for many years in Europe and the Middle East – especially Dubai.

The nature of the EIFS/ETICS modular system allows it to be used in new construction through Light Steel Framing as well as existing buildings through retrofitting, bringing energy efficiency with a beautiful finish.

The advantages of these modular type systems is that they are not only energy efficient, but their modular nature allows installation (application) to take place at a much faster rate than usual building methods and under the right conditions will save the client time, and therefore money. Another advantage of the modular system is that it offers a resistance to cracks as the decorative layer is applied onto each panel. Each panel has a light frame so as to put excess pressure on the coating, causing cracks – the modular system creates natural joints to prevent this.

The advantage of using Terraco EIFS is that it is quality is accredited by UK, US and European quality authorities, fitting in with Royal Coat’s standards of Uncompromising Quality!


With the cost of energy becoming more and more prohibitive the world is looking at ways to reduce these costs and at the same time to preserve precious energy resources. Terraco Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems provides the solution! For over 35 years, as a leader in reducing a building’s impact on the environment, Terraco Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems offers a cost effective solution to this problem by reducing your energy bills and saving on harmful greenhouse emissions.

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Royal Coat was established in 1987, and has become the name for the quality application of Decorative and Protective coatings as well as finishes in the commercial and residential coatings industry.
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