Maintaining the belief that we are the best painting contractor in South Africa is quite a claim, and should only be done so under the most secure pretexts and reasons. Royal Coat Africa believes we have what it takes to own the position as the best paint contractor in the country, and there are a few reasons for this.

We decided to take a look at what are considered the benchmarks that need to be met to at least be measured as a competent paint contractor in South Africa, and we put each one to the test.

A Good Paint Contractor Has a Flawless Vision & Goals in Mind

Without a considered succession plan, and a vision regarding the forward movement of a construction (in this case, painting) business, no contractor would have the ability to become the best in their particular trade. Royal Coat Africa’s vision is to maintain our leading position within the industry, and at every available opportunity ensure that we push boundaries with regards to our services, both in scope as well as location. This also entails innovation in a constantly changing and evolving business environment.

A Paint Contractor in South Africa Needs to Adapt

In an unfavourable economic climate, and with the rise of technology as we have seen in recent years, a good painting contractor in South Africa must be able to adapt and diversify its services. Not only have we increased the amount of services that we offer our residential and commercial clients, but we have embraced technological developments and forms of marketing to make moves in future years.

One of our core values is innovation. We have recently entered the world of EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems). These modular systems involve cladding a building in Expanding Polystyrene (EPS), and applying a decorative coating over the system. Not only does this provide insulation with a beautiful finish, it is also possible to retrofit buildings – limiting messy construction – if the underlying substrate is in good condition.

Another example of our ability to innovate is the diversification of our services. We aim to offer back to back and complimentary coatings services across a range of applications from waterproofing, fire proofing and damp proofing all the way through to Cementitious Coatings, Specialised coatings and Painting. In essence we are not only painting contractors we are Painting, Decorative and Protective Coatings Contractors!

The Best Painting Contractors Continually Train Their Staff

We love the idea of training, and strengthening our staff’s ability to perform functions beyond their intended roles. By cross-training our staff, we not only make our business stronger but we also give our staff members invaluable experience so that they can maximise their employment opportunities at future points in their career paths. By continually training our staff we allow them to feel involved in the business’s progress, and it contributes greatly to the morale and work-culture within the individual work teams.

We have our very own apprentice program which aims to teach new applicators, to ensure our continuity of Uncompromising Quality! We also have training workshops which aims to strengthen the skills of experienced staff. We also involve our suppliers in the more specialised fields which aims to ensure that we achieve absolute quality in the more complicated and specialised applications.

A Good Contractor Copes Well with Varying Scope

This is also true. A good painting contractor in South Africa should be able to take on jobs of varied sizes with a multitude of requirements. Not only is this important for the organisation’s experience, but it also prevents a contractor from being niched into an individual industry. However, perform too many tasks and you run the risk of becoming a ‘jack of all trades, yet master of none”.

Therefore, Royal Coat Africa has maintained itself as a business that specialises in all services regarding interior and exterior surface finishes. Specialised enough to be masters of our craft, yet diversified to the point of being a comprehensive service provider. Additionally, regarding the scope of our projects, Royal Coat Africa has been responsible for the painting and finishing on projects as large as the FNB ‘Soccer City’ Stadium, Monte Casino and super-size shopping centres, while still maintaining personalised service provision for residential property owners.

No Two Ways About It!

We are South Africa’s premier painting contractor, and our track history only proves this. We have done some of the most challenging projects on the continent, and have a monumental portfolio of happy clients across Africa.

We hope that you make the right choice when next you choose a painting contractor in South Africa. But remember we aren’t only painting contractors – visit our website to see our portfolio of services. We look forward to hearing from you.

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