Homeowners and property developers share the same passion for ensuring that their buildings look elegant, sophisticated and contemporary in style. Their respective buildings, whether offices or homes, may be representative of their respective eras, but there are a number of painting trends that have been exceptionally popular in 2017 across the board. 

We thought we’d share some of these outstanding painting trends so that they could give you a few ideas regarding the design and look of your home or next big development. 

Accents & Bright Colours On Doors And Window Panes

With homes and offices adopting softer greys and subtle tones, doors, door panes, entrance-ways, parkades, window-panes, window sills and borders are all subject to fantastic colour infusions. Pastel blues, yellows and greens can add a bit of spark to your office, while darker hues of navy, beige and black can add a touch of exuberance to a classy, contemporary coloured building. Take a look at how this home has used a colourful door as a way of attracting attention.

Bright accents on a modern home!

 Going Dark 

Calming dark tones, such as dark greys and beiges seem to be the order of the day when it comes to exterior painting trends. This trend extends to both homes and offices. Apart from being seen as a way of making a development seem modern and sophisticated, it allows other spaces (such as doors and wooden accents) to be highlighted. Dark tones may seem daunting at first, but it may actually make the space seem more organic if applied intelligently. Get your painting contractor to give you a quote if you’re interested in ‘going dark’. 

Modern corporate office with a darker paint scheme

Modern corporate office with a darker paint scheme.

An Organic Finish 

Believe it or not but wooden accents and finishes are making a return. Don’t expect everything to look as tacky as an old cabin or a sports-bar, though. Wooden finishes are becoming extremely sophisticated, and sustainably sourced wood is a great way of making your development look environmentally-friendly, as well as calming and natural to the human eye. The organic look is made even more prominent when combined with cementitious coatings, giving the building a real urban-meets-wilderness feel. 

The wood and cement feel for this modern home extension

The wood and cement feel for this modern home extension.

Rock, Stone & Brick

All three of these building materials have been used for generations, however it’s how we use them that defines the era and style of the development. Although rock, stone and sand cladding are common, more natural occurring structures are befitting the modern design. Brick, however, should be treated a little bit differently. The more contemporary painting trend is to paint directly onto brick surfaces, giving the paint a heavily textured finish. 

Stone cladding in a more natural arrangement

Stone cladding in a more natural arrangement.

Painted brick finish. Modern and sophisticated.

Painted brick finish. Modern and sophisticated.

Whether you’re an architect, designer, developer or property owner, it’s always important to stay abreast of all exterior design trends. Don’t forget that should you need the skills and services of South Africa’s most experienced painting contractor, contact Royal Coat Africa. We also excel in specialised finishes and cementitious coatings as described above.